Lavender Spring 2018 Color Trend

Lavender Spring 2018 Color Trend

Closed Back SE Top in Lilac – House of Sunny | Eyelet Soul Hood in Lilac – House of Sunny |

Lavender Spring 2018 Color Trend has us all transitioning from millennial pink to another soft feminine tone that is somewhat unexpected. In the days of having super minimal colored pieces we are now stepping into a world of colored accent pieces and I am all about it. Sometimes color can be something we fear but it’s always worth a shot to me. I’ve constantly heard this time and time again “oh that looks so great on you but that wouldn’t work for me”. Now granted, sometimes that is true, not everything fits everyone the same way nor do you feel the same kind of confidence that someone else might in that same piece. What I don’t respect is when someone uses that as an excuse to not even bother trying!

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Perfecting the Silk Trouser Pant

Unconscious Style - Grana Silk Trouser Pant

Silk Straight Leg Pants – Grana | Silk Kimono Blazer – Grana | Strappy Gingham Top – Zara | Stella Sandal in Dusty Blue – Matisse Footwear | Basket Bucket in Kiwi – Cafune | Airy Glasses – Bonlook

I’m loving the whole “workout trouser” pant trend thats been going around. Whether it’s an Adidas track suit or Champion sweats paired with a strapless blouse it’s the perfect mix of casual and sexy all in one. I’m loving these silk pants from Grana that I pieced together with one of their silk kimonos for a really edgy casual look.

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The Leather Mini





As we start to see Fall approaching I am starting to retire the florals and hire back my leather pieces. I picked up this leather mini over a year ago for a vegas trip. Who would have thought it would have made it mainstream into my everyday wardrobe? Spent the afternoon shopping with my mom and chose my DC tennies to help tone down the skirt a tad. Not everyone considers a tight leather mini something you wear whilst strolling through the mall, plus your feet need some assistance when your digging through racks. This look is a fun play on textures and something I am going to increase on greatly during the fall season. Leather will always maintain a classic look no matter how many trends pass through.

For an evening look, throw on a leather jacket and some red strappy heels!

Leather Mini Skirt – H&M Similar Here & Here

90s Cropped Top – ASOS

Medium Selma Saffiano Satchel – Michael Kors

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Lauren Conrad for Kohls Spring Collection






After following Lauren Conrad on Instagram I came across a few posts regarding her Kohls collection. I’ll admit, I’m not one to stop into Kohls to take a peak at what’s “trending” but with well known designers partnering with companies like Target, JcPenny and Kohls I can’t help take a peak. The great thing about working with large discount department stores is that you are reaching for an entirely different market. Here you are hitting individuals who are trying to catch up to the latest designer trends but who can’t necessarily afford designer prices. It’s a smart move for any designer. While I used to think they were “sell outs” my thought process quickly changed once I looked at it in a business way.

Here are a few of the pieces I really like. Lately I’m a sucker for blazers, mint, and chiffon blouses. That’s what you get when you have to dress for work. The collection also includes house wares like bedding. Be on the lookout for Phillip Lim for Target this fall as well.

Thoughts on the collection?

Vintage is the New Black

Let’s face it, even if you aren’t a fashionable person you can still be aware of the trends surrounding you. Just take a look around at the mall or a busy downtown area. If you grew up in the 70s and 80s you’ll easily see items that make you think, “didn’t I give that to the Goodwill a couple years ago?”. Fashion is frequently regurgitating itself (pardon the disturbing image in your heads) through old trends getting subtle face lifts. While there are only a few people who enjoy digging through musty old clothes in dimly lit Goodwill and thrift stores, it is becoming easier to find reasonably priced vintage items in popular retail stores.

One example would be Urban Outfitters which offers what it calls “Urban Renewal” clothing items. Vintage clothing are altered to be more attractive towards current buyers. Some items include high waisted Levi’s cut into distressed shorts or old band tee’s cut up into loose fitting tank tops. In the quest to be “different” it isn’t always easy. It can be difficult for a lot of individuals to see a diamond in the rough. Stores like American Vintage or Wasteland provide some of the digging for you. What I would call an upscale thrift store, these retailers are picky with their purchases from walk-ins. Buyers have the difficult task of visualizing old used items that could be transformed into everyday fashion wear.

Vintage finds are in the eye of the beholder and it isn’t always an easy task to find something you will like. Some people just seem to have the ability to see a shoulder padded, cropped and bedazzled top as a perfect match to high waisted black denim jeans and neon wedges in their closet. With the ease of finding vintage clothing there also comes a price increase.

A few months ago I traveled to Arizona for my cousins baseball tournament. Amongst all of the nothingness to do we decided to make a quick trip to the local Goodwill hoping to find some cheap golf clubs. As I normally do, I instead made a b-line for the denim section of the store. Usually there is no luck finding high waisted jeans in my size at the local thrift stores of Orange County but to my dismay this Arizona Goodwill was a gold mine. I immediately found two pairs of jeans and ran to the fitting rooms. While it is hard to see the beauty of what most consider “mom jeans” I knew once they had been cut and distressed, they would be just as good as those $50 finds at Urban Outfitters. Ten dollars later I am one happy camper.

For those hardcore thrift shoppers I’m sure it is difficult to see good thrift finds thrown into overpriced retailers, but it does show how easy it is for trends to pick up once they are placed in well lit areas. A huge chain like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel which offer a limited variety of vintage clothing gives off the signal to consumers that THIS is what is in right now. It is interesting to see how much of a reliance many have on local retailers for their fashion know how. While some can find it from the Internet or local thrift shops, shopping is much easier and less risky when you can purchase from a well known retailer. For those who don’t have the luxury of living in downtown urban areas it is near impossible to spot new trends on the street. Suburban areas tend to stick to what they know, and that is, what retailers in your local shopping center or mall provide. There aren’t many trend setters in the world and most trends don’t catch on until these trend setters have found something new to follow.

My question that then comes to mind is this, is it really vintage if you are getting it from a current retailer? Is it simply convenience shopping or someone just following the bread crumbs retailers are leaving them? The world may never know.