I’m so glad overalls have come back into trend, I have had the most difficult time trying to thrift a pair that 1) fit me 2) had the correct wash and 3) wasn’t overtaken by Winnie the Pooh patches. Luckily I stumbled upon PacSuns blowout sale which had these Bullhead denim dungarees on mega sale. I love the dark wash and the baggy bottom half. I’ve really been into this outdoors/workwear look in my outfits. I’m not sure if it’s the new hair or my Timberlands (which I have an unhealthy obsession with) turning me towards this new style…but it’s probably both. Happy Monday!

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Black Breeze

black breeze1

black breeze2

black breeze3

Feeling a little dressy and a little dark today. Paired my Pacsun Kendall & Kylie cropped top with my LA Hearts bralette. To make the outfit a little more work appropriate I layered the bralette underneath. This is my absolute favorite maxi skirt. My sister purchased it from a thrift store and personalized it for me by cutting some slits into it. There’s something incredibly sexy about a little side slit action although, it’s funny to think that if I were to cut the skirt where the slits start it wouldn’t be half as sexy. The skirt material is extremely soft and silky, perfect for these hot days at the office!

Maxi Slit Skirt – Thrifted

Cropped Top – PacSun x Kendall & Kylie

LA Hearts Bralette – PacSun

Criss Cross Cropped







I would like to take a few minutes to discuss the amazing job that PacSun is doing in rebranding their stores. Their “Golden State of Mind” marketing campaign has brought them back to their roots as a California based retailer with heavy southern California beach babe vibes (for girls at least). Finally they have transitioned from graphic tees and into trendy cut and sew pieces for women. They were incredibly smart to capitalize on Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well, two young girls who are not only influential for their better known siblings (the Kardashians) but also for their modeling and fashion influence on the young girls/women in America. I picked up this cropped top on sale from their last collection. It fits incredibly well and is the perfect price point for young girls working on a weekly allowance (part of PacSuns target audience). I paired them with my thrifted high waisted Levis shorts and Platrane Jeffrey Campbell boots. A true hot California weekend look. Nothing better than throwing on some majorly distressed shorts and a cropped top. My signature outfit when the temp turns up.

Kendall & Kylie Criss Cross Cropped Top – PacSun (SALE)

High Waisted Levis Shorts – Thrifted

Platrane Boots – Jeffrey Campbell

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Star Trecking: Galactic Denim



It’s finally Friday which means I can indulge in some printed denim at work! This Galactic print is so fun and exciting I kept my top half mellow with a chiffon blouse from Foreign Exchange and my LA Hearts Bralette from PacSun. You can’t really tell but the bralette is actually holographic which I thought would look rad with my new silver heels from Zara. Printed denim really makes me feel a tad bit wild and I think a lot of my coworkers agree.

Chiffon Blouse – Foreign Exchange

Galactic Denim – Topshop

LA Hearts Bralette – PacSun

Laminated High-Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap – Zara

Basic Messenger Bag – Zara

Sunnies – ZeroUV

FIERCE Bracelet – BCBG Generation

LOOKBOOK.NU – Free Marketing for Retailers

Lookbook.nu has shaken up the online world and created celebrities overnight. For those of you who don’t know the site, it was created by a college student in San Francisco who hoped to create a website where people could share their sense of fashion. The site changed from invitation-only to full availability for all, with hopes that a more diverse market would envelop the site. The greatest part of this site is the ability to list where you purchased each item of clothing you are wearing. This includes, socks, shoes, hats, sunglasses etc. It is a great way to find new places to shop and is a cheap and almost free way for retailers to market their products.

While there are tons of members of this online community it isn’t easy for all retailers to get their products seen. There are key members of the Lookbook community who have a big prominence and influence to website viewers. Some of these include Lua P and Jennifer G who are well known members of this online community. With posts receiving a couple thousand likes it is clear that websites like Romwe, Nastygal, and UNIF have benefited from their clothes being worn by some of these influential users. While clothing companies can get lucky having these girls and guys wearing their clothing by sheer luck, there is an easier method. Send them free clothes! For well known bloggers and Lookbook users, retailers have begun sending large packages of clothing items hoping that they will appear online and influence new users to shop at their stores. Some of these include PacSun, a recent post on Instagram from a well known fashion blogger “Real Vintage Virgin” displayed an entire crate of clothes being sent to her home! The next day, she had posted an outfit styled entirely from PacSun, also sending out a mention to the company and providing a link to their Instagram and webpage.

In my opinion, this is a great way for retailers to market their products. These fashion bloggers and members of the Lookbook community have a huge influence on online shoppers. As a retailer it wouldn’t hurt you to send promotional items to these online influencers. It is much more likely that they will wear your clothing versus working alongside a celebrity who would request additional incentives. It’s becoming easier through social media to market for clothing companies. How do I know? Well, they suckered me in, Lookbook is one of the websites I visit when looking for new and interesting clothing options. Taking the time and creative energy to post and edit these photographs and market your style deserves these perks. Free clothes for free marketing? Not to bad of a deal.