The Pearl Shirt

Pearl Shirt & Trench Coat

Light Blue Faux Pearl Embellished Shirt – River Island | Beige check insert longline trench coat – River Island | Nude pointed toe faux fur band slip on shoes – River Island | Shorts – Urban Outfitters |

I’ll never stop loving trench coats. I purchased one a few years ago for a trip to San Francisco and I’ve learned a lot from that particular coat. What I have been quick to understand is that a lot of trench coats are built larger (for layering) so you have to understand how to wear it properly based on what your goals are. For us here in So Cal, we don’t need to layer as much so a thinner more flexible trench is something more appealing.

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Holiday 2017 Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide2017

It’s that time of the year again! We are talking about the Holiday’s and of course, Black Friday promotions! This is a big time of the year for myself not just for shopping but also at the office where Black Friday is of course a HUGE deal. What I find the most challenging as the years progress is what to get for gifts. As I’ve grown older and what I’ve noticed from friends and family is that when purchasing a gift it’s truly the thought that goes behind it as well as ensuring the gift you give is going to be useful for them! There’s nothing worse than getting a bunch of little things you didn’t really need and then have to find a place for in your home.

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Wide Leg Trousers & Berets

Wide Leg Trousers & Berets
White fluffy knit high neck sweater – River Island | Brown wide leg pants – River Island | Tan Felt Beret – Urban Outfitters | Nola Ankle Boot – Urban Outfitters |

Two things that go great together, sweaters & wide leg trousers. Spent a day in the office and wanted a simple yet sophisticated look. I can definitely say this sweater is just as soft as it looks (not to mention my coworkers dog fell asleep in my arms whilst I was wearing it) and the trousers have the perfect fit that falls nicely on you and only required a slight heeled boot for myself.

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Eco Fashion with Siizu

Siizu Ethical Fashion

The Vina Turtle Neck – Siizu | Silk Slip Dress – Siizu | Sheer Socks – TopShop (Similar) | The Editor Heel (Navy) – Everlane | The Last Lolita Sunglasses – Le Specs x Adam Selman | Bell Shoulder Bag in Fog – Esemble | LAYIA Trilogy Dangle Earrings – The Hexad

I had the pleasure of being introduced to a new eco friendly clothing brand called Siizu. I love when a brand has a clear vision along with something they stand behind so working alongside Siizu to style these pieces was something I really enjoyed doing. Siizu’s philosophy is simple, they design high quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices directly to the consumer at an affordable price point. Fabrics are 100% organic and eco-friendly throughout their entire line of clothing. Designers are conscious of waste and create designs and patterns to utilize an entire fabrics potential creating minimal waste.

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Primary Colors for Fall

Blue Oversized Sweater & Green Trousers

Blue Mohair-blend Turtleneck – H&M | Green Wide-leg Wool-blend Pants – H&M | White high vamp slingback kitten heels – River Island | Plaid Coat – Lush Clothing | Numero Uno Bag in Sable – Polene Paris | The Last Lolita Sunglasses – Le Specs |

Fall Fashion is in full swing and I’m sure that’s all you guys are reading about! The time change this past Sunday definitely has us all feeling the blues of seeing those Summer days fading away. Now all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch when I get home and watch Harry Potter. But alas, with the time change we also have cooler weather coming through and I was SO EXCITED to wear this primary color look for Fall. You might have seen H&M pop up with some amazingly bright bold colors for Fall including hues of blue, red, yellow, purple and greens.

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Plaid Trousers for Fall

Plaid Trousers & Black Trench Raincoat

UNIF Checkered Flare Pants – Urban Outfitters | Womens Short Sleeve 50oz Tee – Jungmaven | Corsa Boot – MGemi | PU Sports Parka Coat – NeonRose | Birdie Black – Sonix

Who else is all about plaid trousers for Fall? I’m 100% in! From plaid flared trousers to high waisted to tapered ends, there are a multitude of colors prints and textures you can fill your closet with. I’ve already accumulated three pairs in the past few months and I don’t see it stopping. I’m really in love with this pair from Mango that have a brown wool appearance that are also high waisted.

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Technical & Vintage Inspired Sneaker Roundup

Technical Vintage Inspired Sneakers

There are so many cool trends coming out of the gates this season and one of my favorites that I heavily noticed during NYFW this year was the introduction into more technical and vintage inspired sneakers. These aren’t your grandmas walking shoes folks (although some definitely look that way).

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