Plaid Trousers for Fall

Plaid Trousers & Black Trench Raincoat

UNIF Checkered Flare Pants – Urban Outfitters | Womens Short Sleeve 50oz Tee – Jungmaven | Corsa Boot – MGemi | PU Sports Parka Coat – NeonRose | Birdie Black – Sonix

Who else is all about plaid trousers for Fall? I’m 100% in! From plaid flared trousers to high waisted to tapered ends, there are a multitude of colors prints and textures you can fill your closet with. I’ve already accumulated three pairs in the past few months and I don’t see it stopping. I’m really in love with this pair from Mango that have a brown wool appearance that are also high waisted.

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Lingerie Style


I finally found the perfect lingerie style dress at H&M right before Christmas and just had to have it. What you can’t see is the lace accents on the top of the dress but I wanted to show it’s versatility with layering. I threw on my UNIF shredded shredded sweater over it and voila, you have some edgy fun.

I also found this amazing lightweight speckled blazer at the thrift store during my last visit. I must say for $10 it doesn’t disappoint.

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UNIF Hardy Sweater

UNIF Shredded3

Lately I have had this strange obsession with smiling in my pictures. Might be because it was my birthday weekend which included Disneyland, mickey waffles, giant glasses of sangria, beer, and carving pumpkins; or maybe not. Finally adding another piece to my UNIF selection that isn’t a jacket. I must say as much as I enjoy their graphic tees I have never purchased one, when I actually pull the trigger on purchasing I stick to their cut and sew goodies. This way I’m turning these classic pieces into an investment since their prices can be a little high for those of us “ballin on a budget”. I had my mom order this when Dolls Kill was having their 30% off sale on all UNIF items so thank you to Dolls Kill for this wonderful birthday treat.

These Tildon booties were also a great weekend surprise when I stopped into Nordstroms Rack. I had been eyeing these bad boys online a few months back but I wanted to try them on first. (Pointed toe shoes can either be very good or very very bad for us size 8.5-9 ladies) So it was an awesome surprise when I found them here in my size! I would recommend stopping in ASAP, the shipment my store had gave me about 4 different pairs of shoes I would/should have bought.

UNIF Shredded1

UNIF Shredded2

UNIF Shredded4

UNIF Shredded5

Hardy Sweater – UNIF

BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Tildon “Classik” Bootie – Nordstroms Rack

Dayton Sunglasses – RAEN Optics

Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

And it’s not even my birthday…yet. Been lusting over these pieces this past week and I believe with my birthday coming up it is the perfect opportunity to pump up my fall wardrobe. I am in love with cowl neck sweaters and this UNIF piece gives me everything and more. Versatility is the most important part of my wardrobe, I desperately need clothes that can be worn to an office (business casual) as well as Disneyland on the weekends. The heels would most likely be limited to the office or a nice evening out but I must say they are some classy looking boots. I can just see my legs becoming skyscrapers in them! Lingerie style dresses have been on my want list for awhile (ahem Reformation everything) and this Zara piece is right within my price range, I might have to treat myself to this baby.

What staples are you looking to purchase this fall?

Jersey Monochrome





I have styled this mesh jersey top from H&M in an earlier posting but decided to take a different route today to show it’s versatility. In my previous post I paired this jersey with some high waisted shorts and DC tennies, taking the jersey somewhat literally as we also shot the pictures on a baseball field. This jersey trend isn’t just for the ballpark however, today I transitioned the top into a chic and somewhat professional look for work. These black high waisted denim jeans from Urban Outfitters was one of my better purchases last year. The dark wash allows them to be disguised as “dressy” for work but when paired with a cropped top you can easily slip into a more casual overtone.

Accessories are what finish off this look. Gold, gold and well…more gold. Gold accessories are my favorite when I’m pushing a monochrome look. Adding a gold chain to a jersey top helps us understand why football players and baseball players wear those ridiculous gold chains around their necks, because it really does play off the jersey quite well. Maybe it is just the ridiculous notion that athletes make millions of dollars by throwing balls at one another but hey, it’s entertaining right?

Mesh Jersey Top – H&M

Platrane Boot – Jeffrey Campbell via MissKL

BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans – Urban Outfitters

UNIF Vapor Moto Jacket – Dolls Kill

May the 4th Be With You




This past weekend I celebrated May 4th, also known as Star Wars day, with my Blackmilk leggings and Ewok backpack. Even better, it was also free comic book day! Nerds unite!

Vapor Moto Jacket – UNIF

Artoo & Threepio Leggings – Blackmilk Clothing

Platrane Boots – Jeffrey Campbell

Sunnies – ZeroUV

UNIF Vapor Moto





It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything, I have been extremely busy with my job, just finishing our annual Global Training Conference which had almost 15,000 people in attendance! The entire week I was bound to black slacks, tennis shoes and T-Shirts, not the greatest uniform, I almost went crazy wearing the same outfit multiple days in a row! As a treat to myself for working roughly 68 hours I purchased my Unif Vapor Moto Jacket. This is such a great piece, while it does feel a little odd when you first put it on you quickly get used to the material. I would however not recommend wearing it on a hot and or sunny day, the material does not breathe very easily. This jacket is perfect to throw over a body-con dress in the evening to spice up your outfit!

Have a great week!

Vapor Moto Jacket – UNIF

LA Beanie – Brandy Melville

Denim Bustier – Forever 21

High Waisted Black Denim Shorts – H&M

Platrane Boots – Jeffrey Campbell

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Mute Afternoon


This weekend flew by, Saturday I attended my first hockey game with my family and boyfriend. One of the sports I actually enjoy watching I’ve realized. Unfortunately the weekend didn’t leave much room to shoot looks, my usual photographer (boyfriend) and I had a few separate plans that got in the way. No need to fear though, that’s another one of the reasons I absolutely adore Instagram. It gives you the ability to keep up with posting outfit looks without having to set aside time to go shooting at a cool location. Just one quick little snap and edit here and there and you’ve got yourself another addition to your personal look book. Instagram is by far my favorite method of social media (aside from blogs of course) because of it’s ability to communicate via images. I am a very visual person and of course fashion is all about having vision. Instagram is the perfect outlet to express yourself whether it is having cohesive edits to your images, having a theme (fashion, cars, etc) or just expressing who you are as a person. Following fashion bloggers and retailers on Instagram has proven almost as good as flipping through the pages of a magazine. When I look for style inspiration I want it fast, quick, and constant, exactly what Instagram provides.

Enough chatter about Instagram though, Sunday I traveled to Downtown Fullerton, CA for some shopping. My favorite sunglasses broke in my purse and I was on a mad hunt to find some new ones. Although I came out unsuccessful I did manage to grab a Sting distressed tee by Chaser. The weather was said to be around 66 degrees but when the wind died down and the sun came out it actually became a little too warm for my Unif faux fur jacket. What I love most about this look is that its one of my most casual and comfortable go-to outfits. The jacket is what really pulls it all together to make it look slightly less edgy and a little more funky. Not to mention my new Jeffrey Campbell’s that came in the mail two days prior!

UNIF Patched Faux Fur Jacket – Unif

Tank Top – Brandy Melville

High Waist-ed Shorts – Thirfted

Socks – Urban Outfitters

Platrane Boot Jeffrey Campbell

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LOOKBOOK.NU – Free Marketing for Retailers has shaken up the online world and created celebrities overnight. For those of you who don’t know the site, it was created by a college student in San Francisco who hoped to create a website where people could share their sense of fashion. The site changed from invitation-only to full availability for all, with hopes that a more diverse market would envelop the site. The greatest part of this site is the ability to list where you purchased each item of clothing you are wearing. This includes, socks, shoes, hats, sunglasses etc. It is a great way to find new places to shop and is a cheap and almost free way for retailers to market their products.

While there are tons of members of this online community it isn’t easy for all retailers to get their products seen. There are key members of the Lookbook community who have a big prominence and influence to website viewers. Some of these include Lua P and Jennifer G who are well known members of this online community. With posts receiving a couple thousand likes it is clear that websites like Romwe, Nastygal, and UNIF have benefited from their clothes being worn by some of these influential users. While clothing companies can get lucky having these girls and guys wearing their clothing by sheer luck, there is an easier method. Send them free clothes! For well known bloggers and Lookbook users, retailers have begun sending large packages of clothing items hoping that they will appear online and influence new users to shop at their stores. Some of these include PacSun, a recent post on Instagram from a well known fashion blogger “Real Vintage Virgin” displayed an entire crate of clothes being sent to her home! The next day, she had posted an outfit styled entirely from PacSun, also sending out a mention to the company and providing a link to their Instagram and webpage.

In my opinion, this is a great way for retailers to market their products. These fashion bloggers and members of the Lookbook community have a huge influence on online shoppers. As a retailer it wouldn’t hurt you to send promotional items to these online influencers. It is much more likely that they will wear your clothing versus working alongside a celebrity who would request additional incentives. It’s becoming easier through social media to market for clothing companies. How do I know? Well, they suckered me in, Lookbook is one of the websites I visit when looking for new and interesting clothing options. Taking the time and creative energy to post and edit these photographs and market your style deserves these perks. Free clothes for free marketing? Not to bad of a deal.