Ever since my introduction to Instagram it has been a complete addiction. The clean layout, perfectly portioned pictures and the ability to visually follow the lives of friends, family, and fashion idols seems to have created an Instagram trigger finger in me. Checking the app has almost turned into some sort of strange ADD tick where I can’t help but flip through pictures every 5 minutes (I know many of you can attest to this). The world is ever increasingly (due in part to the internet) becoming stimulated by visual imagery.

Working full-time and maintaining my blog can sometimes put a lot of creative restraints on me. What I can always count on is capturing my life through my iPhone lens. So if you want to get a peak into my world feel free to follow me!

80s Denim Jacket


I have been searching for the perfect oversized denim jacket for this coming fall. As much as I love the clean cut men’s wear monochrome madness that my style spews at times, nothing will ever drive me away from my casual oversized throwback clothing or as Nick like’s to call it “Classic Stephanie Outfits”. Instead of spending all weekend lounging around watching football I got us out of the house for once to visit the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. It was just as awesome as I remembered (I got my prom dress there), definitely should have worn boots or tennis shoes however because my feet were aching. I picked up this jacket along with some garlic fries that just about stuck with me until this morning. I would highly recommend going, whether you are looking to spice up your home decor, pick up some thrifted clothing items or just to laugh at all the wacky knick knacks people have accumulated over the years you won’t be disappointed with the selection.

Parking is FREE but get there earlier (right at 9 should be good) because the lots fill up fast. Cost of regular admission is $8.00 after 9 am and be sure to have PLENTY of cash which was one of the mistakes I made. Happy hunting!








Denim Jacket – Thrifted (Similar here & here)

Lace Bell Bottom Pant – BCBGeneration

Chevron Necklace – Wild Butterfly Boutique (Sale)

Monogram Necklace – My Monogram Necklace

Dayton Sunglasses – RAEN Optics

Fall Fur


We have experienced the first signs of fall with a little rainfall yesterday. While the rain has already subsided the chilled October air is still present. I’m really glad I purchased this fur jacket by UNIF at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately I didn’t get much wear out of it originally considering Nasty Gal was emptying their inventories for Spring and it never gets below 70s down here. Best part about this jacket is it works best with simple pieces like a white tee and some waxed denim jeans.




Fur Jacket – UNIF(Similar here)

Skinny Trousers with Coated Seams – Zara

Spader Loafer – Jeffrey Campbell

Dayton Sunnies – Raen Optics

Tote with Gusset (Black) –Phillip Lim for Target

Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

And it’s not even my birthday…yet. Been lusting over these pieces this past week and I believe with my birthday coming up it is the perfect opportunity to pump up my fall wardrobe. I am in love with cowl neck sweaters and this UNIF piece gives me everything and more. Versatility is the most important part of my wardrobe, I desperately need clothes that can be worn to an office (business casual) as well as Disneyland on the weekends. The heels would most likely be limited to the office or a nice evening out but I must say they are some classy looking boots. I can just see my legs becoming skyscrapers in them! Lingerie style dresses have been on my want list for awhile (ahem Reformation everything) and this Zara piece is right within my price range, I might have to treat myself to this baby.

What staples are you looking to purchase this fall?

Fall Fringe


It’s the end of pay period so that mean’s I’ll be shopping in my closet until my check clears on Friday! Scooped up this little beaut from the depths of my closet. This is by far the best jacket I have ever purchased from Forever21. The quality is great which is probably why it was priced at $50. While some people show distaste at this price (considering everything in this company is priced at $22.50) I am always willing to pay for quality regardless of the store it’s in. I put on my go-to side slit maxi skirt to get myself through this warm day, unfortunately this skirt might not see the light of day come fall/winter, unless I am wearing my knee high socks (cold girl problems) so I have to make the most of it! Happy Monday!



Dayton Sunnies – Raen Optics

Double Slit Maxi Skirt – here & here

90s Cropped Top – ASOS

Fringe Moto Jacket – Forever21

New Look Chase Cut Out Booties – ASOS, Similar here

Snakeskin Tote Bag – Monsac

Sunny Daze

sunny daze3

It’s Saturday and it’s 90 degrees. No sign that I was wearing a sweater and jeans the other day. Threw on my daisy romper, denim vest and studded booties because I said so. With such a loud print this minimalistic necklace pulls the entire look together, thanks to Wild Butterfly Boutique for such a pretty necklace. Gotta love dressing casual on Saturdays. On a side note my grandma gave me this Monsac snake skin bag that my grandpa had purchased for her a long time ago. It’s so chic, I was super excited to have it handed down to me! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

sunny daze1

sunny daze2

sunny daze4

Love Necklace – Wild Butterfly Boutique

Floral Romper – Thrifted (Similar here and here)

Denim Vest – Gap Denim (Similar here and here)

Dayton Sunnies – Raen Optics

Snakeskin Tote – Monsac

Studded Booties – here

Floppy Hat – Anthropologie

Mango Street Fashion


I have created a list of sorts for things I must purchase for this coming fall. The list includes: loafers, cropped grey sweater, plaid shirt, plaid pants, leather skater skirt, and knee high boots. This outfit has crossed 3 off the list. I went into Mango this past weekend to purchase this plaid tank and walked out with this cropped sweater as well. I can’t wait to pair this with leather pants/skirts and my boyfriend jeans! Their new collection is insane, I wish I could have purchased more but luckily I have some self control… well…at least a tad.

I paired this look with shorts since it’s still pretty warm here in So Cal. A girl can dream about fall though right?




Lightweight Check T-Shirt – MANGO

Ribbed Shoulder Cropped Sweater – MANGO

Top Handle Crossbody – 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Spader Loafer – Jeffrey Campbell

Phillip Lim for Target


It has finally arrived, the anticipated Phillip Lim for Target collection and I am happy to say I grabbed 2 amazing pieces! This was my first experience waiting for one of the Target Designer Collaborations and some anticipated it to be close to that of the Black Friday shenanigans. Luckily my mother and I arrived at 6 am and our Target was a ghost town. We set up our chairs and chatted until about 7:15 when another mother-daughter pair showed up. In total right when the clock struck 8 am there were about 12 of us and it was enough to wipe out all handbags and about 80% of the clothing selection. I am really impressed with the quality and the design of the pieces and it was well worth the two hour wait. On a side note, people are really thirsty for these designer pieces so I hope everyone had a safe attempt at getting their bags because the claws sure do come out when something is within a “limited collection”.





Top Handle Crossbody – 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Black Cropped Top – Brandy Melville

High Waisted Levi’s – Thrifted

Sunfloral Lace Trim Kimono – DIY

New Look Chase Cut Out Heeled Ankle Boot – ASOS

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Back in Black


The overcast weather in So Cal is making it a lot easier for me to start dressing for fall. Granted it gets up to 80 degrees during the day, I’m safe and sound inside my ice box of an office. After seeing tons of bloggers rocking the lace up Zara heels at Fashion Week I quickly remembered I had purchased some MIA lace up wedges years ago that look almost identical. I have pushed aside this pair for quite sometime, my last memory of them was far from positive, more like cringing from how uncomfortable my feet felt. When I slipped them on this morning I realized that I must have been a major cry baby back in the day because these are actually incredibly comfortable for heels (minus the “breaking in” blisters that are forming).



Skinny Trousers with Coated Seams – Zara

Black Tank – Brandy Melville

Boyfriend Blazer – H&M

Medium Selma Saffiano Satchel – Michael Kors

Lace Up Wedges – MIA

DIY Kimono


I’m really getting tired of this monotonous white background so I will keep this post short for now. Just wanted to show all of you my new kimono that my sister helped me make! (granted she did 90% of it) My sister is the “seamstress” of the family and with her moving away in a month I wanted to start taking in a few lessons and pointers for when I have the urge to be creative. I have been eyeing a few kimonos from Arnhem Clothing along with some other designers but I wasn’t very comfortable paying such a high amount for them. (too many other things higher on my “to buy” list). One trip to LA and a couple hours of work and voila!

I will be posting some higher quality pictures of it this weekend so stay tuned!

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