I.AM.GIA, worth the hype?

Australian Brand I.AM.GIA

Paris Pant – I.AM.GIA | Ace Pant – I.AM.GIA | Tan Cobain Pants – I.AM.GIA | Kelsey Skirt in Snakeskin – I.AM.GIA |

There’s a new hot brand in town and they are here to stay. Australian brand I.AM.GIA is a favorite amongst celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian. A lot of people are probably wondering what makes I.AM.GIA so special or, is I.AM.GIA the label worth the hype? I was introduced to the brand earlier this year and immediately fell in love with their Cobain pants in tan. Little did I know what a craze would be built behind it only a few months later. I grabbed a pair of the Cobain pants after some contemplation but they were only around $80 so I decided to go for it. Only about a week or so later did the pants completely SELL OUT.

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