Blue Blazer






In a last minute frenzy to pack for Huntington Beach I grabbed the few pieces (and I mean few) that would help me beat the heat. While my ancient pair of Abercrombie shorts and my Brandy Melville tank are easy to wear to the beach it’s a little much (less) when your running around doing errands. I threw on my Royal Blue boyfriend blazer from H&M and GoJane studded booties for a very casual look. Bright colored blazers are perfect to wear when you need to dress up an outfit. I love mixing anything professional looking with something on the tattered side.

Ps. You don’t know how hard it is to find a good tank top. This Brandy Melville one I picked up is perfect. Cropped, tight, and strappy. Perfect for layering, especially with anything high waisted. You’ll be able to tuck without the bunch :)

Tank Top – Brandy Melville

Studded Booties – GoJane

Boyfriend Blazer – H&M

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Seven Eleven




Full blown Brand Melville aside from the lace kimono. Was feeling the gloomy weather we have been having with these massive weather mood swings in So Cal. Chose a more comfortable route as I much rather would have stayed in bed all day, or gotten a free slurpee from 7-11!

Tank & Floral Pants – Brandy Melville

Lace Kimono – Urban Renewal

FIERCE bracelet – BCBGeneration

Product Review: The Beach Box (Lush Cosmetics)


Today I’m straying a bit from my normal Fashion posts but for good reason. I just had to rave about the new Beach Box I purchased from Lush Cosmetics yesterday. This selection holds everything you love about the beach in a tiny cardboard box with, might I mention, adorable beach facts and graphics adorning it. You get a taste of a little bit of everything for a great price which is why I had to pick it up. Not to mention that my boyfriend uses the harsh natural ocean water as a way to “wash”/style his hair and keep his face clear. Some of us don’t recognize the harshness that pure ocean salt can have on our skin later on.

Ocean Salt Cleanser

We all enjoy the dry tightness you feel when you take a trip to the beach. Sunbathing, sand, and salt can help dry skin and seem to prevent breakouts. The harshness however can leave your skin so dry its gasping for breath while also leaving your skin red and irritable. This Ocean Salt Cleanser is amazing, just rub onto your body or face and instantly feel refreshed. It makes your skin smooth, smells great, and brightens your complexion. I recommend it for washing your face in the morning, its invigorating and will help wake you up.

Sea Spray Hair Mist

I love the look of beach waves but I hate how it feels. Sticky and stringy, yuck. This sea spray works wonders, not only does it have a light feel and stimulating smell but it is powerful in it’s ability to boost your natural waves. If you shower without drying your hair, spray this on while your hair is still wet, tossle hair, and await your waves! If you blow dry your hair like myself, blow dry your hair but leave bottom half damp, spray on your ends and tossle hair. The spray will do the styling for you. For myself, I shower in the evenings. I spray some on after blow drying my hair and sleep on it, the waves still come out but the ends are a little more knotted due to tossing and turning during the night. To solve this just spray a tiny bit on your ends to tame any frizz or knotting.

Seanik Solid Shampoo

I mainly purchased this box for my boyfriend to try the Solid Shampoo. Infused with seaweed and sea salt it’s the perfect alternative to using the ocean as shampoo/conditioner. The trouble he has with washing his hair is that it comes out too fluffy and out of control. He is more sensitive to styling sprays/gels and the ocean salt serves as a natural styling tool for him. Usually he uses regular salt mixed with water to get his look but thus far he likes how the shampoo makes his hair feel. This small bar can last up to 70 washes! Not to mention it is super easy to travel with, perfect for camping or plane travel. This shampoo gives you a clean feeling with added volume but also keeps your hair tame and not appearing or feeling “too clean”.

Dream Cream Body Cream

This stuff works wonders if you are looking for a moisturizer that your skin can drink with ease. I love using this on my elbows and hands since those seem to be the most dry areas on my body.

Sea Vegetable Soap

What I love most about Lush is their vast array of soaps. They all smell AND look so amazing you almost want to eat them! This bar is no exception, it leaves you feeling relaxed like you just spent the whole day sipping from coconuts on the beach. A true sea escape.

Grab your Beach Box Here but hurry! They are only available for a limited time.

The Lace Pant




I can’t get enough of these lace BCBGeneration pants. If you are looking for comfort and style I would highly recommend them, not to mention I got them at a discount on the sale price! I had been yearning for a pair for awhile but either the pants were too thin or just to expensive. These pair are made of a thick enough lace material that I don’t have to fear I’ll ruin them within the first few wears and washes. I went casual with the look by pairing it with my cropped Thrasher top. I am definitely missing the weekend, can you tell? Laying out at the beach anyone?

Lace Bell-Bottom Pant – BCBGeneration

Thrasher Tank Top – Melrose Trading Post

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Where to Shop Online?


We all know that online shopping is fun. It’s gives you the ability to window shop when the weather isn’t in your favor, when you are too lazy to get out of bed, or when you are at work and need a breather. Whichever reason you choose to shop online it has become a huge part of the shopping experience. While almost every brick and mortar store has an online counter part, it is becoming increasingly obvious that online retailers are taking over. Trendy clothing and accessories, a clean web aesthetic, and some free shipping/returns is what draws me into shopping at particular sites. I am going to share a few with you here today, some up and comers that are paving the way to taking over the Nasty Gal empire.

If you’re looking for: CHEAP TRENDS

You think “cheap clothes” and I’m 90% sure that Forever 21 comes to mind. It is hard bound into all of us to think of this successful retail chain as that but lets be honest, with such massive amounts of items to choose from you get lost in the hustle and bustle of what is really “on trend”. Try some of these online retailers who with their smaller selections give you a better insight into what is on trend while keeping prices low.

2020 Ave

This site not only has great prices but a lot of pieces you find on Nasty Gal or Wasteland can be found here for a much lower price. While they don’t offer as large a selection or update their site as much, you know that whatever they do have is a great low cost alternative to what you’ll find at Urban Outfitters.


I was attracted to this site initially for their massive library of shoes and boots. Not only that, but I later found that they had a great deal of jewelry and clothing that was not only on trend but also found on sites like Nasty Gal for much cheaper. One complaint would be that the site seems to crash a lot.


This website is extremely fun to maneuver through. There are tons of items from beauty to clothing to handbags. The only downside is you must be a member to join, however you are able to increase your amount of discounts through this membership. If you have enough friends why not!

Love Melrose

I first came across Love Melrose during a shopping trip to none other than Melrose Street in Los Angeles. Their online store is awesome and everything is ridiculously cheap. I’ve come to know them best for their vast array of leggings.

If you’re looking for: GREAT DEALS

The only downside to online shopping is the lack of “instant gratification” of trying on the item and taking it home. To make the process worth my while I scour websites for special deals, coupons and most importantly, free shipping/returns.


Did I just hear free shipping and free returns? I am in love with ASOS, they have an incredible amount of products that run from ASOS basics to Designer pieces all for decent prices. Not to mention when they have a Sale it is truely A SALE. I feel a great amount of comfort when returns are free as well. When you have a somewhat awkward body shape and certain pieces whether it be pants, tops, swimwear or shoes, you can’t always be sure that a size 2 in one pair of pants is going to fit the same as a size 2 in a different pair. It is extremely helpful and attractive when a website ensures your returns are on them.

Gypsy Warrior

While I haven’t had the pleasure of purchasing anything from this site I will tell you that they have an awesome collection if you are looking for some trend pieces with a tad of vintage flair to them. Not to mention they also have Free Shipping!

If you’re looking for: HIGH END MIX

Luna B Boutique

While this is a local hot spot for those living in the Orange County Beach Cities, Luna Boutique has an extremely high presence online. With the inclusion of brands like UNIF, Chaser, and Flynn Skye your able to shop some high end pieces along with some low end trend items. Talk about the true mix and match.


With Coachella’s past, Warped Tour’s present and Lollapalooza’s future, we all need some maxi skirts, crochet tops and as much gold arm candy as we can find. ThreadSence provides high end designers like One Teaspoon and For Love and Lemons mixed in with some more moderately priced tie dye’d, distressed, and lace’d this and that.


If your a “brand groupie” you’ll love shopping on MissKL, the female counter part to Karmaloop. This site houses some of the hottest street wear brands out there, we are talking UNIF and Dimepiece garments that have been sweeping the nation. Not only that but house brands like MKL Collective have awesome pieces at a steal.


What I love most about actually visiting a Wasteland store is that they have tons of vintage clothing, if you put yourself up to the challenge of picking through all of the racks you will usually end up victorious (ahem, my Simple Minds band tee for example). Their website is a whole other experience however, somehow it has the way of suckering me into the latest Cheap Monday and MINKPINK dresses.

To those who read this entire thing, many thanks and happy shopping!

Independence Day




As you can already tell, this post is all about Independence Day attire. My day would be spent BBQ-ing and hanging poolside with friends and playing with fireworks with my boyfriends family. While the temperature was going to be in the mid 80s it was the usual Southern California beach weather that would shift towards a cool evening by the time fireworks were ready to be lit. My new thrifted overalls made their second appearance as they are the perfect fit for an active day. I paired them with my new ASOS white v-neck tee which I might add is incredibly soft and loose fitting, my favorite when it comes to tees. The plaid flannel doubled as the perfect touch of red and the perfect jacket when it got cool out. Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th!

New Forever T-Shirt – ASOS

Overalls – Thrifted

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Flannel – Thrifted

Baby Blues



Denim is never out of style, however, we are breaking the barriers of the “Canadian Tux” and piling on the blues to exponential heights. I found this denim blazer at the Melrose Trading Post awhile back and have found it is the perfect fit to pair with a cute above the knee dress. “Girly” and “Boyfriend” fits are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of leg showing to offset the heavy top half of my body. I wanted to give off the illusion of all denim so I threw on my ASOS cotton dress that has a worn denim look.

I paired this outfit with dark accessories like my Brandy Melville beanie and Zara lunch bag purse to give some additional edge. I picture this outfit strolling along the New York City streets for a day filled with meetings and overpriced lunches.

Denim Blazer – Thrifted

Cold Shoulder T-Shirt Dress in Acid Wash – ASOS

LA Beanie – Brandy Melville

Basic Messenger Bag – Zara

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Criss Cross Cropped







I would like to take a few minutes to discuss the amazing job that PacSun is doing in rebranding their stores. Their “Golden State of Mind” marketing campaign has brought them back to their roots as a California based retailer with heavy southern California beach babe vibes (for girls at least). Finally they have transitioned from graphic tees and into trendy cut and sew pieces for women. They were incredibly smart to capitalize on Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well, two young girls who are not only influential for their better known siblings (the Kardashians) but also for their modeling and fashion influence on the young girls/women in America. I picked up this cropped top on sale from their last collection. It fits incredibly well and is the perfect price point for young girls working on a weekly allowance (part of PacSuns target audience). I paired them with my thrifted high waisted Levis shorts and Platrane Jeffrey Campbell boots. A true hot California weekend look. Nothing better than throwing on some majorly distressed shorts and a cropped top. My signature outfit when the temp turns up.

Kendall & Kylie Criss Cross Cropped Top – PacSun (SALE)

High Waisted Levis Shorts – Thrifted

Platrane Boots – Jeffrey Campbell

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Jersey Monochrome





I have styled this mesh jersey top from H&M in an earlier posting but decided to take a different route today to show it’s versatility. In my previous post I paired this jersey with some high waisted shorts and DC tennies, taking the jersey somewhat literally as we also shot the pictures on a baseball field. This jersey trend isn’t just for the ballpark however, today I transitioned the top into a chic and somewhat professional look for work. These black high waisted denim jeans from Urban Outfitters was one of my better purchases last year. The dark wash allows them to be disguised as “dressy” for work but when paired with a cropped top you can easily slip into a more casual overtone.

Accessories are what finish off this look. Gold, gold and well…more gold. Gold accessories are my favorite when I’m pushing a monochrome look. Adding a gold chain to a jersey top helps us understand why football players and baseball players wear those ridiculous gold chains around their necks, because it really does play off the jersey quite well. Maybe it is just the ridiculous notion that athletes make millions of dollars by throwing balls at one another but hey, it’s entertaining right?

Mesh Jersey Top – H&M

Platrane Boot – Jeffrey Campbell via MissKL

BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans – Urban Outfitters

UNIF Vapor Moto Jacket – Dolls Kill

Summer Music Inspiration – Pharell Williams

Pharell Williams has been resurrected from the depths of producing music and is back on the forefront of the Billboard charts. His latest collaborations with Robin Thicke and Daft Punk are the perfect summer jams that make me feel like cruising in my car with the windows down and the wind in my hair. His beats never fail to get me up and dancing and his latest collab is a perfect example. I heard this song earlier this morning on Power 106 and I AM OBSESSED. Did I mention that the song includes Nelly and Nicki Minaj as well? Enough said, I KNOW.

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