Going Green







I got lucky on St. Patty’s day by throwing on this green army inspired shirt on over my H&M sweater without even thinking. Saved me a couple of pinches I could have anticipated. I really enjoyed pairing this sweater with my favorite acid wash thrifted Levi’s shorts and of course my Jeffrey Campbell’s that I can’t seem to live without. The green shirt is from Cotton On and was one of my most proud “ballin on a budget” finds at only $7. I certainly have worn it at least 20 times that amount.

The Platrane Boot – Jeffrey Campbell

Green Army Shirt – Cotton On

High Waisted Shorts – Thrifted

Sweater – H&M

Sunnies – ZeroUV

Simple Saturday







It was a really busy weekend, what better way to utilize some new Brandy Melville duds when you’ve got tons of errands to run on a sunny So Cal day. Although the outfit is pretty simple it is my standard go-to when I’m at a loss for what to wear. I’m obsessed with this new Brandy sweater, its lightweight and extremely soft. I have been looking for a long enough sweater to pair with some of my printed leggings and this turned out to be the perfect fit.

Sweater – Brandy Melville

High Waisted Shorts – Thrifted

Knee High Socks – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Mute Afternoon


This weekend flew by, Saturday I attended my first hockey game with my family and boyfriend. One of the sports I actually enjoy watching I’ve realized. Unfortunately the weekend didn’t leave much room to shoot looks, my usual photographer (boyfriend) and I had a few separate plans that got in the way. No need to fear though, that’s another one of the reasons I absolutely adore Instagram. It gives you the ability to keep up with posting outfit looks without having to set aside time to go shooting at a cool location. Just one quick little snap and edit here and there and you’ve got yourself another addition to your personal look book. Instagram is by far my favorite method of social media (aside from blogs of course) because of it’s ability to communicate via images. I am a very visual person and of course fashion is all about having vision. Instagram is the perfect outlet to express yourself whether it is having cohesive edits to your images, having a theme (fashion, cars, etc) or just expressing who you are as a person. Following fashion bloggers and retailers on Instagram has proven almost as good as flipping through the pages of a magazine. When I look for style inspiration I want it fast, quick, and constant, exactly what Instagram provides.

Enough chatter about Instagram though, Sunday I traveled to Downtown Fullerton, CA for some shopping. My favorite sunglasses broke in my purse and I was on a mad hunt to find some new ones. Although I came out unsuccessful I did manage to grab a Sting distressed tee by Chaser. The weather was said to be around 66 degrees but when the wind died down and the sun came out it actually became a little too warm for my Unif faux fur jacket. What I love most about this look is that its one of my most casual and comfortable go-to outfits. The jacket is what really pulls it all together to make it look slightly less edgy and a little more funky. Not to mention my new Jeffrey Campbell’s that came in the mail two days prior!

UNIF Patched Faux Fur Jacket – Unif

Tank Top – Brandy Melville

High Waist-ed Shorts – Thirfted

Socks – Urban Outfitters

Platrane Boot Jeffrey Campbell

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Santa Ana Sun









Long weekends are rare if any but when they do come around, they are usually productive. An addition to my Saturday and Sunday this week included Presidents Day. The three day weekend gave me ample opportunity to shoot a few looks and explore the surrounding cities of Orange County. Downtown Santa Ana proved to be the perfect background for my grunge inspired outfit. Usually the look I run towards when I’m feeling a laid back or lazy day. My favorite piece are my leggings which I found for a steal at $5 a few years back, before the entire pleather legging craze came into play. Definitely in need of a new pair since these have been worn down to bits but it’s one of those pieces you can’t seem to part with. I love mixing male clothing into my outfits, something I’ve been doing since High School. I used to crave for women’s and junior clothing to be baggier and I am so glad that became the new trend, never had been one for that tight t-shirt look. I’m glad I now have a boy to steal clothes from instead of shopping in the Target men’s department, he has better style anyways. In this look I paired my H&M denim jacket with my boyfriends over sized plaid woven shirt, I also tend to throw on statement necklaces to make myself feel more girly. Who would have thought you could be stylish AND comfortable.

Nirvana Tank – Brandy Melville

Plaid Woven – Boyfriend Thrift Find

Denim Jacket – H&M

Pleather Leggings – Similar Style

Creepers – Go Jane

It’s Always Summer







It’s one of those days that only California has, sunny and 70 degrees in the midst of February. After spending the past week and a half following NYFW from across the country it made me appreciate having sunny weather versus dealing with a blizzard. Me and my boyfriend went out apartment hunting and decided to shoot a few looks down by Seal Beach. I purchased this jacket almost two years ago and haven’t used it to it’s fullest potential. Usually it’s too lightweight for a cool evening but gets too hot when it’s over 75 degrees. The perks of being close to the beach is that the weather calls for lightweight jackets when the breeze picks up. I also convinced my boyfriend to take a few pictures as well, I enjoy being behind the camera sometimes. His blue woven was designed by himself for DC Shoe Co, explains why we are meant to be.

Fringe Jacket – Forever 21

Peter Pan Blouse – Topshop

Knee High Socks – Urban Outfitters

Creepers – GoJane

High Waisted Shorts – H&M

Rise and Shine

photo 2

It’s not usual for me to have such an earthy vibe but with the cold weather in Southern California lately I’ve had to limit myself to the minimal amount of sweaters I can find in my closet. As much as I love wearing sweaters, there isn’t much use when you live in an area that normally has 70 degree weather and up all year round. I was itching to wear my new denim blazer that I purchased at the Melrose Trading Post for $14 bucks. One of the best places to not only find cheap clothes but also rad home accessories. My sister always laughs when I buy jackets or dresses with shoulder pads, when you’re slim it looks a little strange to have Hulk like shoulders. I couldn’t resist the boyfriend look and the “business casual” look that the denim screams. I really wanted to pair it with leggings and a graphic tee but extra layering was needed so I went with my Bambi sweater dress from H&M, the perks of having a sister who works there. While some were confused by the mismatched look I really enjoyed it, I don’t believe in the general rules of “matching” anyways.

Denim Blazer: Thrifted
Sweater: H&M
Cross Tights: Topshop
Studded Booties: GoJane
Beanie: Urban Outfitters

Mod Spring Fashion


Spring is slowly approaching and I couldn’t be happier. Long sleeve shirts and high waisted shorts, what I plan on making my staple items with the warm Southern California weather we should be expecting. Black, baby pinks, whites and clear, my color palette for spring. I’ve been inspired by the new lines from Wildfox, Jeffrey Campbell, Nasty Gal, and Gypsum Style. Clear accessories in my mind are a must, brings about that clean feeling that arises with April showers and May flowers. I like to keep the edge in my wardrobe as always, what better way than with leather shorts overalls from Gypsum Style? Another must have that I’m itching to buy is a white body con maxi, I find maxi dresses beyond sexy and white really works for me, but that might be because of my darker skin tone. I love mixing styles and colors, I can never stick to just one and I don’t think you should have to.

Louisa Lace Maxi Dress- Nasty Gal

Moto Boot – Jeffrey Campbell

Flaming Lips Bag – Nasty Gal

Clear Bag – Gypsum Style

Leather Overalls – Gypsum Style

Go Topless Jumper – Wildfox Couture

Selling Your Clothes: What Thrift Stores Want


The time has come, packed closets, overflowing drawers and your bed buried beneath all of your failed outfit attempts of the week, time to clean house. Being the frequent shopper that I am there are pivotal moments in my life when I realize I have a full closet of clothes yet only wear the same 6 tops, 2 pair of leggings and tights with shorts combos. My usual route of disposal was simple, donate to goodwill. The thought of taking a full day to drive around attempting to sell my clothes made me cringe, much rather spend my day shopping.

There is an advantage to selling your clothes to trendy thrift stores however. For one you’ll get some money back or in other cases, store credit. Some of the more popular second hand stores I visit include Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland and Deelux. In my first attempt at selling I failed miserably. A huge bag of clothes and all that was purchased was a jacket for $5. After analyzing the clothes in the stores I realized my problem.

1. Too many tees.

  • Lets face it, fitted graphic tees are not mainstream anymore, especially if you are fashionable. Unless you have some vintage 80s Mickey Mouse cropped top you wont find luck here.

2. Too basic.

  • Thrifting is all about the diamonds in the rough, unfortunately outdated Forever 21 tops won’t cut it.

3. Not trendy.

  • Finally I came to the realization that my clothes were just too outdated with the current trends but not outdated enough to be started back up.

The moral of this story is to either sell your clothes when you stop wearing them (no hoarding) or limit yourself to selling your most unique items. More than likely they will be what those “thrifters” are looking for. Don’t forget! You can always check out a thrift store before hand to see what kind of merchandise they are buying. When in doubt, you can always raid grandmas closet to make some extra cash. Cheers.

New York Thrills

While Orange County is a fairly metropolitan city it doesn’t hold a candle to the thrills of New York City. My second trip gave me the culture and experiences I had surpassed during my short lived first visit. Cool crisp air flowing In-between the seemingly endless skyscrapers gave me an excuse to wear beanies and scarfs everyday. I’m not only using this post to share my pictures of my trip but to also stand as photo diary.

Day 1:


Long flight, expensive cab rides, beautiful Times Square lightshow.

Day 2:










Morning waffle and coffee, Harry Potter exhibition, a long walk through central park, sunny spot with my love.

Day 3:




Crisp gusts of wind, faded city views, towering rows of village fashion.

Day 4:







Soho shopping date number 2, harbor view, remembering those lost, late night Times Square run, dinner with New Yorks finest.

Day 5:




Last minute explorations of the city, Times Square shopping, Rockafeller Center lunches, kisses in the rain on 5th Ave, seas of black coats at Grand Central Station.

I Love New York


It’s the start of a New Year. For me it means new Christmas clothes, New Years Eve toasts, becoming a college grad and traveling to New York with my love. Expecting the trip to consist of heavy tourist activities mixed in with soaking up the fashion culture the city has to hold. I plan on utilizing the amazing city backdrop for pictures of my California definition of “winter clothes”. The biggest difference I have noticed in my wardrobe compared to those who live in cold climates is that I seem to lack statement coats. Considering you will be wearing a jacket 99% of the day as you cruise through the city streets you are limited on ways to accentuate your style. Killer boots, heels, and flats along with unique tights and vibrant leggings are my solutions to this problem. Look forward to posting a whole lot of pictures once I’m home. Cheers!