Denim Short Sleeve Button Up







Peyton Denim Shirt – Brandy Melville | Black BDG High Waisted Denim Skinny Jeans – Urban Outfitters | Round Sunglasses – RayBan | Chuck Taylor All Star Low-Top – Converse

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Rode around LA with my squad to grab some coffee, photos, and food (but what else is new). Finally visited the “Bates Motel” and it was just as eerie feeling in person as it is in photos. I opted for our day out to wear my new denim short sleeve button up shirt from Brandy Melville. Super soft, perfect slight crop that also includes a front pocket. Grabbed my black high waisted skinnies, converse and my ray-bans and I was good to go! So happy to also have photographer friends who share in my love for taking really awkward pictures to bystanders but ends up looking amazing on camera. I love the simplicity and boyish style that this button up provides, not to mention I’m also back onto wearing high waisted denim jeans because I just can’t get enough of that silhouette.

High Neck Dress & Denim Skirt








Rhodes Dress – Reformation | Denim Skirt – American Apparel | Round Sunglasses – RayBan | Medium Messenger Box Bag – JCOS Studios | Sandals – Zara

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Quick post during a lunch out with some of my homies (one of them being an amazing photographer). Threw on my Reformation high neck bodycon striped dress underneath my latest (and favorite) piece, my denim high waisted skirt from American Apparel. Purchasing from Reformation means I’m making an investment into my wardrobe for pieces that will be timeless and are amazingly flattering. Buying a dress doesn’t mean you have to be limited on how you wear it. Case in point, bodycon dresses are perfect for throwing on denim or a-line skirt which allows for you to tuck without showing all the lumps and bumps of the dress underneath. You can also throw on a cute jacket or button down shirt that can be belted. As we mention being belted, this western style belt is exactly what I had been searching for. While I haven’t had time to get into some thrift stores to find a beauty such as this, I opted for this option on ASOS after months of searching. This little beaut I got in an XXS so I can wear it with my high waisted items and I’m so happy with the purchase and my impulse to buy considering it sold out in most sizes a few days later!

American Apparel Denim Mini






High Waist Denim Mini Skirt – American Apparel | White Button Up Large Pocket Shirt – Zara (Similar) | Round Sunglasses – RayBan | Erosion Flats – Steve Madden

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I really do enjoy making a classic corporate casual outfit into something trendy and fun for the weekends. Updating the pencil skirt & blouse combo into a high waist denim mini skirt and cotton button down shirt mix. I love the way you can dress up a denim mini nowadays and with the high waist you still get some great leg action without looking too much like you just time jumped from the year 2000 (ripped denim minis from A&F anyone?). I wanted a piece that had that vintage look without any of the “wear and tear” you might find on them. Not to mention with finding jeans or skirts in my size at the GoodWill I’m somewhat short on luck. Usually things are too big or wayyy too small on me. This was the LAST mini skirt I found in store at the American Apparel by my house. Boy was I lucky to take a second look before I left the store empty handed. I have already worn this baby a handful of times as its so easy to pair with anything! Especially my growing (and already large enough) collection of cropped tops.

The Perfect One Piece

One Piece Swim

Kelly-One Piece – Onia | Starshine 80s One Piece – Wildfox | Aubrey Swimsuit – Mandalynn | Lattice Side Bandeau Swimsuit – ASOS | High Waist Deep Plunge Swimsuit – ASOS | Bronx Swimsuit – Acacia

I have been on the hunt for the perfect one piece and I can’t seem to decide between a few options. A few styles have caught my eye and you can shop them above! Deep plunge necklines, strapless lace up beauties and the staple ‘Bay Watch’ suit will have you ready for the remaining summer months! I’m definitely looking into one for my upcoming honeymoon!

The Fifth Label Co-Ord Set









The High Road Shorts – The Fifth | Hold On Shirt – The Fifth | Teardrop Panama Hat – Urban Outfitters | Round Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | White Chuck Taylor’s – Converse

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Annnnd I’m back! Sorry for the recent lapse of posting but I recently started a new position and things have been a little crazy over here. I’m so happy to be back in action with my latest post!

I’m absolutely smitten with Australian brands, it’s an epidemic that has been taking over LA and I’m all for it. I recently grabbed some goodies by The Fifth Label from BNKR where you can get your hands on some Aussie style here in the U.S! Another huge plus, shipping only took 2 days! There is nothing I enjoy more than fast and free shipping.

I chose these 2 pieces for their obvious compatibility with one another but also for their ability to be used as strong separates. These wrap front shorts are so comfortable, flirty and flattering to wear (gotta love that high waist). Not to mention the button up crop top has the perfect wide sleeve that makes you feel like your wearing pajamas out in public. With the recent humidity (and rain) that has taken a hold of Southern California this is the perfect easy (and breezy) outfit to throw on for a quick trip down by the beach or some shopping.

I also picked up a pair of low top white converse. I haven’t had a pair since eighth grade and I’m not sure why I ever waited this long to get another pair! I’ve missed their comfort and how they can be paired with just about anything.

White Raw Hem Denim Dress








White Raw Hem Denim Dress – Zara | Wood Clog Sandal – Boohoo

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What’s better than white denim jeans? A white denim dress, oh and did I mention the sleeves and trim on the pockets have a raw edged hem?! Raw hems are one of my necessary MUST-HAVES when it comes to denim. I love the worn feel while maintaining the structure, design, and integrity of the piece. (Don’t get me wrong I also love a good pair of ripped up jeans). I played around with some poses and backdrops with this dress since it’s so simple looking outright. I also threw on my favorite little clog sandals to add some additional femininity and height to balance out the heavy weight on top. Another big reason I purchased this piece was the stretch in the denim which allowed the dress to sit closer to my body and feel less boxy. I’m all about simple shift dresses this summer, when you are struggling looking for something to wear they are so easy to put on, throw on a few pieces of arm candy, some cute sandals and you are good to go!

Side note: I’m out at Comic Con this weekend so sorry if some of my posts are lagging!

The Olive Jacket







Life in Progress Jacket – Forever21 | BDG Twig High Rise Jean – Urban Outfitters | Mystics Cropped Tube Top – PYLO | Huxley Sunglasses – Electric | Lace Up Sandal – Sam Edelman (Similar)

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You know those days when your in between a jacket or a sweater? The sweater is a little too casual and your jacket is a little too thick? Well compromise is here, this olive green lightweight collared jacket is here to save the day. Built like a shirt, the cotton material is lightweight yet thick enough for transitioning from day to evening. Also the sleeves easily roll up just in case the day surpasses 80 degrees. I was a little skeptical about the olive green color but I really wanted something different that would stand out instead of the typical army green color. I am a true believer that leopard and green are neutrals, they just haven’t been officially welcomed into the neutral family! The length of the jacket is also a perfect piece for high waisted or regular waist pants, skirts, or trousers.

I threw on my favorite summer lace tube top from PYLO and a pair of my high waisted skinnies for running around town for some quick errands. Hopefully you guys were also lucky enough to get the 3rd off!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe fourth!

Corinne – Meet the Designer






Bennett Tee – Corinne | Suspender Trousers – Lobby Lab (Similar) | Classic 501 – New Balance

I recently connected with an upcoming designer Susan Kim, designer and owner of Corinne. Her designs are a minimalists dream who always keeps quality and craftsmanship in mind. While her pieces are the perfect staple pieces to any wardrobe her unique designs and patterns will be the next best thing the fashion industry has seen. I had the chance to sit down and chat with her about her experience staring her own brand as well as how she jumped into the fashion industry.

Grab your own Bennett Tee or another one of her pieces by visiting and use Code:TAKE10 to receive 10% off your order! Code is valid through July 14th.

Read her interview below!

1. Who is Susan Kim and how did you get to where you are now?

I kind of did the backwards version of starting a clothing company. I worked in a showroom for a couple of years and after realizing I knew nothing about clothing production, I decided that the next best thing would be to understand the production side of it. At the age of 26, I bought an existing factory in East Los Angeles and did that for almost four years. I was a very hands on boss, this is where I learned to sew with industrial machines and learned the makeup of what it’s like to produce clothing in Los Angeles. I make my own patterns so those four years taught me that a Corinne piece needed to be easy to sew so that it could be made in the USA. The production side of it is labor driven so every minute an operator is sewing a piece is an expense so it helped me to understand the business aspect of it.

Corinne Factory1

2. How did you get into Fashion?

I didn’t go to a Fashion Design school but instead went to the University of California Riverside and majored in Business Administration. With an initial plan to go to FIDM after I graduated UCR, my mind was changed after interning for a company in the fashion industry. The PR rep told me that I should instead check out LA Trade Tech College since it was the same instructors as FIDM but the tuition would cost a lot less. I took her advice and took classes at night and on weekends to learn pattern making and sewing while I was working full time.

Corinne Factory2

3. What inspired your latest collection?

I love Japanese pattern making techniques and bows. I took basic blocks and really deconstructed a lot of the pieces to add copious amounts of draping and Corinne’s signature bow look. I love the idea of investing in one piece and being able to wear it multiple ways or according to your style preference. Fall 2015 was all about versatility and draping. Love draping!

4. Who are your biggest style inspirations?
I love Unconscious Style, of course, but most of my inspiration comes from street style of both men and women. It’s funny because I’ve had men ask me if Corinne is unisex since some of the styles are boxier.

5. What advice would you give women who want to get into the fashion industry?

Learn everything you can about the industry. Start by interning because that’s the best way to have accessible information about whatever you’re interested in whether it is to become a sales rep, an editor, fashion designer, or a business owner. And, work really hard. When my friends were out partying and having fun, I was taking pattern making classes and sewing classes because I wanted to learn everything I could about the fashion industry. Hard work will always pay off later.

6. What are you looking forward to in the future with Corinne, what are your goals for the future?

After owning a factory in LA for almost 4 years and competing with factories in Mexico and China (which by the way can’t be done), it made me want to bring back businesses to the USA. I’m currently doing the production myself in my small studio, but eventually want to be able to hire employees and really build a company where the employees are valued as assets, kind of like Google but for fashion. I also want Corinne to be a brand people associate with quality and craftsmanship. Most companies buy fabric made in China but I make an conscious effort to have a minimal footprint so my fabric is even made in the USA. It costs more and I make less of a profit margin but in the end, I know the customer knows what they like and will come back to Corinne every season.