UNIF Hardy Sweater

UNIF Shredded3

Lately I have had this strange obsession with smiling in my pictures. Might be because it was my birthday weekend which included Disneyland, mickey waffles, giant glasses of sangria, beer, and carving pumpkins; or maybe not. Finally adding another piece to my UNIF selection that isn’t a jacket. I must say as much as I enjoy their graphic tees I have never purchased one, when I actually pull the trigger on purchasing I stick to their cut and sew goodies. This way I’m turning these classic pieces into an investment since their prices can be a little high for those of us “ballin on a budget”. I had my mom order this when Dolls Kill was having their 30% off sale on all UNIF items so thank you to Dolls Kill for this wonderful birthday treat.

These Tildon booties were also a great weekend surprise when I stopped into Nordstroms Rack. I had been eyeing these bad boys online a few months back but I wanted to try them on first. (Pointed toe shoes can either be very good or very very bad for us size 8.5-9 ladies) So it was an awesome surprise when I found them here in my size! I would recommend stopping in ASAP, the shipment my store had gave me about 4 different pairs of shoes I would/should have bought.

UNIF Shredded1

UNIF Shredded2

UNIF Shredded4

UNIF Shredded5

Hardy Sweater – UNIF

BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Tildon “Classik” Bootie – Nordstroms Rack

Dayton Sunglasses – RAEN Optics

The Blue Hat


It’s been incredibly difficult for me to find hats that fit my head so when I came across this Roxy fedora I was shocked by my immediate acceptance to purchase. Not to mention the hat was marked at a very reasonable price! The deep royal blue color is yet another one of my favorites for fall. Hats are the perfect accessory to spice up a simple outfit. By pairing it with my favorite Zara waxed denim trousers, white v-neck and black denim jacket it gave me the perfect fall look and I am excited to begin pairing it with some of my other favorite fall colors! (burgundy, mustard, forest green, pale pink)

Roxy has really been stepping up their apparel game and I am in love with their fall collection filled with oversized sweaters, colored denim, and army green jackets. Definitely worth checking out.






Charm Hat – Roxy

Spader Loafer – Jeffrey Campbell

Dayton Sunglasses – RAEN Optics

Black Denim Jacket – Forever21

Coated Trousers with Zip – Zara

White V-Neck – ASOS

Chevron Necklace – Wild Butterfly Boutique

Nasty Gals Market it Better

NastyGal Flash Sale

As if powerhouse Nasty Gal can’t get any larger they have recently taken onto a ton of new marketing initiatives that are making a bold statement.

1. The Shoe Cult Rises

Nasty Gal has taken to design! But not just clothing design, shoe design and they are spreading the word…FAST. Enter Shoe Cult, another simple way to make your audience feel they are a part of your company. One of the smartest, trendiest, and cheapest marketing moves for retailers is to reach out to influential bloggers as a way to get word out on new products, sales, or promotions. I really applaud them for taking this route because not only are great bloggers getting sweet new kicks but they are also getting massive exposure through Nasty Gal’s online blog! Any member of the Shoe Cult has a brief interview and photo expose about themselves and their blog on the Nasty Gal website.

2. Flash Sales

You thought flash sales were limited to websites like Hautelook and Gilt? These sites are built around offering limited sales on designer goods for a short period of time and Nasty Gal is taking full advantage of it’s perks. From Monday – Thursday various items are on a limited time sale, today’s sale included a selection of handbags for $25. These sales excite buyers into making impulse decisions. Since the sale only lasts a day you almost feel compelled into purchasing something after seeing the original price. If you have slow moving stock it is the perfect opportunity to remove excess inventory.

3. Word of Mouth

Use the Nasty Gal app and get $15 off our next purchase! Tell your friends and get $10 off your next order! Buy a gift card and get a gift card! Ingenious ways to get your most valuable and loyal customers to spread the word about your company. This is a clever way to get customers to begin utilizing new applications, move more gift cards and create more frequent orders.

While you might say it is a clever way for Nasty Gal to give back to it’s customers, the corporation has grown to exponential heights the past few years and as companies grow, so do your costs. You can be forced to play catch up and these initiatives can make or break you. I’m hoping the later.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

I’m really getting into the fall mood lately. I just purchased this MinkPink Zippora Jumper (shown above) and I can’t wait for the air to feel crisp again. Currently I am lusting over tan and dusty pink over coats and baby blue fuzzy sweaters. Who would have thought baby blue would be such a fall color but it makes me even more excited for winter to come. I am also thinking of getting a sherpa lined moto jacket in the near future. My favorite piece I own is my H&M leather jacket but I would love to have one more winter appropriate.

For those of you who don’t use Polyvore I would highly recommend it. If you are like me and cruise around online sites getting inspiration or window shopping it helps to get all of your ideas down onto something legible. PLus it makes it easy to share with others :)

BCBGeneration Plaid


A huge thank you to BCBGeneration for hooking it up with this plaid shirt. I entered their #StyleMeGen Instagram contest and was sent this button up along with a personalized affirmation bracelet and some Too Faced mascara. Almost as if they read my mind, I have been looking for a new plaid shirt to add to my fall collection. Plaid shirts and jeans were my staple outfits during my senior year of high school so this is bringing all sorts of throwback Thursday memories to play. The colors, long length and softness really make a difference in how a plaid looks on you. Having had bad experiences with H&M and Forever21 button ups that sit too short on my body and wayyyy too boxy have made me turn to more high end brands to get my fix.

I would definitely recommend grabbing one of these babies if you can, by signing up for the BCBGeneration email newsletters you are also the first to know when one of their sales is going on. Happy Monday!



Plaid Button-Up Shirt – BCBGeneration

Boyfriend Jeans – (here & here)

Glitter Flat Sandals – Zara

Dayton Sunglasses – RAEN Optics

Leather Track


Pretending it’s fall once again as temperatures reach mid to high seventies this week. I sound like a weather reporter I know but I just want it to feel like October already. I wanted to share my greatest purchase ever, these leather track pants from Urban Outfitters which I had in my hand on in-store a few months back but decided to hold off. I realize now it was for good reason considering I got these babies half off the sale price! While they could have used a little ironing or steaming I decided it was slightly acceptable for them to look more ahem “worn” so I didn’t have to try and figure out how to iron pleather pants before work today.

On a side note, I’m really feeling the frustrations I’m sure most bloggers feel once they have become extremely passionate about their blogs. I’m in a rut where I find myself frustrated over crappy quality lighting/pictures and no one there to take my photos when I’ve thrown together some awesome pieces I’d like to share/document. I feel like there’s so much more potential but being limited to weekends is troubling.





Leather Track Pants – Urban Outfitters(here)

Ribbed Shoulder Cropped Sweater – MANGO

Top Handle Crossbody (Grey) – Phillip Lim for Target



Ever since my introduction to Instagram it has been a complete addiction. The clean layout, perfectly portioned pictures and the ability to visually follow the lives of friends, family, and fashion idols seems to have created an Instagram trigger finger in me. Checking the app has almost turned into some sort of strange ADD tick where I can’t help but flip through pictures every 5 minutes (I know many of you can attest to this). The world is ever increasingly (due in part to the internet) becoming stimulated by visual imagery.

Working full-time and maintaining my blog can sometimes put a lot of creative restraints on me. What I can always count on is capturing my life through my iPhone lens. So if you want to get a peak into my world feel free to follow me!

80s Denim Jacket


I have been searching for the perfect oversized denim jacket for this coming fall. As much as I love the clean cut men’s wear monochrome madness that my style spews at times, nothing will ever drive me away from my casual oversized throwback clothing or as Nick like’s to call it “Classic Stephanie Outfits”. Instead of spending all weekend lounging around watching football I got us out of the house for once to visit the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. It was just as awesome as I remembered (I got my prom dress there), definitely should have worn boots or tennis shoes however because my feet were aching. I picked up this jacket along with some garlic fries that just about stuck with me until this morning. I would highly recommend going, whether you are looking to spice up your home decor, pick up some thrifted clothing items or just to laugh at all the wacky knick knacks people have accumulated over the years you won’t be disappointed with the selection.

Parking is FREE but get there earlier (right at 9 should be good) because the lots fill up fast. Cost of regular admission is $8.00 after 9 am and be sure to have PLENTY of cash which was one of the mistakes I made. Happy hunting!








Denim Jacket – Thrifted (Similar here & here)

Lace Bell Bottom Pant – BCBGeneration

Chevron Necklace – Wild Butterfly Boutique (Sale)

Monogram Necklace – My Monogram Necklace

Dayton Sunglasses – RAEN Optics

Fall Fur


We have experienced the first signs of fall with a little rainfall yesterday. While the rain has already subsided the chilled October air is still present. I’m really glad I purchased this fur jacket by UNIF at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately I didn’t get much wear out of it originally considering Nasty Gal was emptying their inventories for Spring and it never gets below 70s down here. Best part about this jacket is it works best with simple pieces like a white tee and some waxed denim jeans.




Fur Jacket – UNIF(Similar here)

Skinny Trousers with Coated Seams – Zara

Spader Loafer – Jeffrey Campbell

Dayton Sunnies – Raen Optics

Tote with Gusset (Black) –Phillip Lim for Target

Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

And it’s not even my birthday…yet. Been lusting over these pieces this past week and I believe with my birthday coming up it is the perfect opportunity to pump up my fall wardrobe. I am in love with cowl neck sweaters and this UNIF piece gives me everything and more. Versatility is the most important part of my wardrobe, I desperately need clothes that can be worn to an office (business casual) as well as Disneyland on the weekends. The heels would most likely be limited to the office or a nice evening out but I must say they are some classy looking boots. I can just see my legs becoming skyscrapers in them! Lingerie style dresses have been on my want list for awhile (ahem Reformation everything) and this Zara piece is right within my price range, I might have to treat myself to this baby.

What staples are you looking to purchase this fall?