Selling Your Clothes: What Thrift Stores Want


The time has come, packed closets, overflowing drawers and your bed buried beneath all of your failed outfit attempts of the week, time to clean house. Being the frequent shopper that I am there are pivotal moments in my life when I realize I have a full closet of clothes yet only wear the same 6 tops, 2 pair of leggings and tights with shorts combos. My usual route of disposal was simple, donate to goodwill. The thought of taking a full day to drive around attempting to sell my clothes made me cringe, much rather spend my day shopping.

There is an advantage to selling your clothes to trendy thrift stores however. For one you’ll get some money back or in other cases, store credit. Some of the more popular second hand stores I visit include Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland and Deelux. In my first attempt at selling I failed miserably. A huge bag of clothes and all that was purchased was a jacket for $5. After analyzing the clothes in the stores I realized my problem.

1. Too many tees.

  • Lets face it, fitted graphic tees are not mainstream anymore, especially if you are fashionable. Unless you have some vintage 80s Mickey Mouse cropped top you wont find luck here.

2. Too basic.

  • Thrifting is all about the diamonds in the rough, unfortunately outdated Forever 21 tops won’t cut it.

3. Not trendy.

  • Finally I came to the realization that my clothes were just too outdated with the current trends but not outdated enough to be started back up.

The moral of this story is to either sell your clothes when you stop wearing them (no hoarding) or limit yourself to selling your most unique items. More than likely they will be what those “thrifters” are looking for. Don’t forget! You can always check out a thrift store before hand to see what kind of merchandise they are buying. When in doubt, you can always raid grandmas closet to make some extra cash. Cheers.

New York Thrills

While Orange County is a fairly metropolitan city it doesn’t hold a candle to the thrills of New York City. My second trip gave me the culture and experiences I had surpassed during my short lived first visit. Cool crisp air flowing In-between the seemingly endless skyscrapers gave me an excuse to wear beanies and scarfs everyday. I’m not only using this post to share my pictures of my trip but to also stand as photo diary.

Day 1:


Long flight, expensive cab rides, beautiful Times Square lightshow.

Day 2:










Morning waffle and coffee, Harry Potter exhibition, a long walk through central park, sunny spot with my love.

Day 3:




Crisp gusts of wind, faded city views, towering rows of village fashion.

Day 4:







Soho shopping date number 2, harbor view, remembering those lost, late night Times Square run, dinner with New Yorks finest.

Day 5:




Last minute explorations of the city, Times Square shopping, Rockafeller Center lunches, kisses in the rain on 5th Ave, seas of black coats at Grand Central Station.

I Love New York


It’s the start of a New Year. For me it means new Christmas clothes, New Years Eve toasts, becoming a college grad and traveling to New York with my love. Expecting the trip to consist of heavy tourist activities mixed in with soaking up the fashion culture the city has to hold. I plan on utilizing the amazing city backdrop for pictures of my California definition of “winter clothes”. The biggest difference I have noticed in my wardrobe compared to those who live in cold climates is that I seem to lack statement coats. Considering you will be wearing a jacket 99% of the day as you cruise through the city streets you are limited on ways to accentuate your style. Killer boots, heels, and flats along with unique tights and vibrant leggings are my solutions to this problem. Look forward to posting a whole lot of pictures once I’m home. Cheers!