It’s a very Jeffrey Campbell Christmas


Merry Christmas and a happy new pair of shoes! I was graced this year with a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s, the Carter Peep Oxfords to be exact. There are few items that I will willingly splurge on. These include sunglasses, shoes or a good purse. Any shoes over $60 have to be of good quality and unique enough for me to justify. Any shoes over $120 have to be Jeffrey Campbell’s. Luckily my boyfriend was lovely enough to give me these beauties on sale and the last pair! Their unique styles and sky scraping heels can make any legs look long and lean, not to mention turning heads for those folk who could “never pull that off”. The greatest part about their shoes is the ease of wear. Shoes can be dressed up or down and can be worn for hours on end without wanting to rip your feet off. Best of all their shoes match every aspect of my wardrobe whether it is an edgy, punk, or girly look, Jeffrey Campbell’s can spice up your outfits and wardrobe. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, hope your season has been fashion filled.

Holiday Wear – Guest Blogger Anya Sarre

ASYelIt’s about that time, Holiday parties galore! What better than to roll into your office Christmas party with an entirely new outfit. Unfortunately, you’ve spent all of your money buying gifts for a multitude of your friends and family. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But not to fear, guest blogger Anya Sarre is here! Anya is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. She has graciously written a blog post with recommendations on how to utilize your current wardrobe items to create a Holiday outfit that shines. Check it out!

Holiday Wear Can Keep You Warm AND Fashionable

The holiday season is filled with good cheer and lots of hot cocoa. But holiday fashion isn’t that much different from every day fashion. Whether you think you can or not, you can get the holiday style that makes you feel good and look great. With a few simple little tricks, you can turn any piece into holiday wear and strut your stuff with an outfit that doesn’t actually take hours to put together, but will look like it did.

With the holidays upon us, you may be looking in your closet thinking that you have nothing to wear. Stop dreaming of a complete wardrobe makeover and create one with the things already hanging in your closet.

Here’s what you do: Grab those old comfy jeans that fit oh so nicely and pair it with a plain colored sweater, maybe a shimmery gold or silver. Even white can be festive and allows more room for accessorizing. With the foundation done, I want you to grab a vibrant scarf. There are literally hundreds of new ways to tie this time-honored accessory, so feel free to find the one you like best. Since you’re dressing for the holidays, you’ll need to dress this outfit up. A thick belt goes nicely over a sweater and can really pull the look together. Add a pair of sparkly earrings for a festive feel. Next, you’ll need something for your feet. Nothing goes better with jeans than the perfect pair of shoes. A nice 2″ heel will give you a little lift and dress your outfit up a bit. Be sure that you have a purse in a coordinating, yet not entirely matching shade. This will create a casual yet somehow dressy look that will go great for any holiday gathering.

Need something a little more dressy yet not altogether fancy? Start with a pair of dark colored jeans and top it with a warm and cozy turtleneck. Add some sparkle with a chunky necklace and pair of glittery earrings. Don’t forget the bangles. A series of coordinating bracelets will announce your arrival in chic style. A pair of sassy pumps tells the world you’re in the spirit and ready to spread good cheer, while looking fabulous by the way. Top this ensemble off with a cozy peacoat and you’re ready to take on the season.

Accessories really are the key to success with any fashionable look. Be sure you stock up on scarves in a variety of colors and materials, a nice pair of leather gloves, shiny metallic jewelry and a hat that will turn heads.

Looking great and feeling good this holiday season doesn’t require a wardrobe overhaul. While we would all love to say “Out with the old, in with the new”, it’s not realistic for most of us. Add a few little twists to your existing wardrobe and you may only need to invest in a few accessories to make it perfect for the holidays. This year’s hot ticket items include a fabulous clutch, chunky necklace, diamond earrings–gold or silver bracelets and even leggings are making quite the comeback.

Wintertime can mean a darker sky, but you can still radiate your awesomeness with a touch of bold colors. Now get out there and take this season by storm!

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My Favorite Online Retail Marketing Ploys

Tis the season! I’ve been bitten by the shopping bug and as a result been driven to participate in shopping even more than normal. Since it is my last semester in school and I’m vigorously working on all of my assignments I haven’t had much time to hit the mall. Enter online shopping. Normally I’m not a huge fan of shopping online. Not only do you have to deal with shipping costs, lost items, or being disappointed in the item you purchased but it takes away the in-store experience. I suppose it is the whole thought of not being able to use my senses of touch, sight, smell, etc. when choosing my clothes. With all of this online shopping I’ve been signed up for numerous email lists. Normally I delete emails on the spot if the subject line bores me but there has been an increase in my click through rate with these new marketing ploys.

Online retailers are utilizing contests and giveaways to let their fans do their social media marketing for them! While many companies are partaking in this I’m going to focus my attention to one site in particular, A few weeks ago I was on a popular fashion blog (IHATEBLONDE) and noticed that in her latest post there was a link to MissKL. The blogger posted her favorite looks from the website which are up for grabs as a giveaway! All you need to do is enter your name and email address to be placed in the drawing. The catch? Being added to their email list. Not too bad. The second contest they are holding is for a trip for 2 to Paris France along with a $500 MissKL shopping spree. While I consider the best part of this marketing effort the trip to Paris my business side of my brain was tickled by the method used to enter. It’s simple really, sign into your Pinterest account, create a board entitled “Springtime in Paris: Miss KL Style” and start pinning your favorite MissKL items that inspire you and will tell your Paris story. Not only is this a great way for people to get involved on your website but products that are pinned by contestants are now seen by their followers who can re-pin and be displayed for their followers… the story goes on. Ultimately the great part about Pinterest is that with every top, dress, or accessory you post you are providing a direct link back to your website. For those influential pinners out there your product can be seen by their thousand or so followers!

It’s all about engagement, if your customers are getting excited about your product offerings they will pass it on to their friends, followers, or fans. This makes marketers jobs a lot easier, all they must do is keep the influential consumers interested and engaged. I’d like to think that when I start my own online retailer or clothing company this would be a big way to spread word of mouth. Leave it to social media people, it’s not that hard if you have the right creative mind.

Wanelo – New Social Media Fashion Site

Wanelo-LogoI was recently introduced to a new website called Wanelo. My constant pursuits of new inspiration for fashion has led me to websites like Lookbook and Pinterest but many times the items displayed are not given a link on where to purchase. Wanelo provides the same social media format as Pinterest but narrows down the content to clothing and accessories. As a member you can sign up, login, and post content. When opening a post you are able to “save”, “buy” or “tag” the item in question. What I like most about this website is its simplicity. The website layout is clean and easy to maneuver. Picture 13The products displayed can range from big name retailers or small Etsy websites. Either way it is an easy way to to filter through tons of styles and pick out your favorites. The ease of keyword searching can produce items for any type of style. My biggest concern and hesitation when first visiting the site was the homepage. It included a lot of “girly” items and threw me off with the lack of variety it gave me. The homepage is what sets a websites culture and to me, it wasn’t edgy enough. After searching particular keywords I was able to snatch up some pieces and become introduced to new online retailers. The price points for me are one of the biggest plusses. There is a wide range of pricing since a lot of the websites linked to items come from Ebay or Etsy which usually has a lower price point. Since I already maintain a large amount of accounts on social media sites I haven’t signed up for Wanelo but I have a feeling that I will be frequenting the website more and more to get new style inspiration. Cheers to that!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Utilizing Social Media

Picture 12
Today’s the day, the one men around the world have been waiting for, the one fashion show that they are willing to watch. Why you might ask? Well it’s the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show for cripes sake! Advertising has been running for the past few months in anticipation for the new Victoria’s Secret line that in the past has included multimillion dollar bras in exhibition. Television is one of the most prominent ways of marketing with the ability to show the models strutting their stuff, social media has given individuals the chance to directly be part of the action!

An online application has been created for android and iPhone devices that allows you to turn yourself into an Angel. Wings are added every week and with a quick snapshot of yourself, you can turn yourself into a Victoria’s Secret Angel, or at least a close runner up. A few months ago I also came across a Facebook page dedicated to the retailers new women’s workout clothing line. Marketers notice that with men and women lusting over the Angels tight cores, there could be a great way to not only market the new clothing line but also highlight the upcoming fashion show. VSX sport Facebook page created a “Train Like an Angel” application that provides videos on the type of workouts models use to get runway ready. Eight workout challenges were posted all leading up to the big fashion show. Not only was this an extraordinary way to advertise but it got customers involved in the action! Not to mention the workouts are easy to do, require minimal equipment, and gives VSX exposure.

This is one of the more fun ways to get involved in social media, I’ll admit that I gave a couple of the workouts a try and it is worth hitting the like button to have workout videos at your fingertips.